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Mark Zuckerberg Biography

Mark Zuckerberg Biography. The top social platform owner Zuck is the very simple man who is great programmer started his journey in 2004. Mark Zuckerberg is the Chief Executive Officer of Facebook.
Mark Zuckerberg Biography

Mark Zuckerberg Biography

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is a co-founder of Facebook, and currently operates as its chairman and chief executive officer.

Mark Zuckerberg born on May 14, 1984 at White Plains, New York, United States. His height is 1.71 m. And net worth 72.3 billion USD (2017) according to forbes magazine.
Spouse: Priscilla Chan (m. 2012)
Education: Harvard University

Zuckerberg is co-founder and chief executive officer of Facebook, the world's largest social-networking company. The site has about 2 billion monthly users and had revenue of $28 billion in 2016. The Menlo Park, California-based company's initial public offering in 2012 was the biggest-ever technology IPO at the time.

Let's know some question answer about Mark Zuckerberg that people want to know.

What kind of car does Zuckerberg drive?

Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg has recently bought himself a brand new ride, a Volkswagen Golf GTI, in the new generation. Guess What Car Mark Zuckerberg Drives to the Facebook Offices? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is worth in the region of $20 billion. He has yet to turn 30.

How much money does Mark Zuckerberg make in a day?

At present the total wealth of Mark Zuckerberg is about $33.3 billion. That makes him the 16th richest man in the world. Salary of Mark Zuckerberg is just $1 per year. Zuckerberg makes varied amount of money in one day.

What is the monthly income of Mark Zuckerberg?

$1 a year
Mark Zuckerberg reveals why he only makes $1 a year. In 2013 Facebook confirmed its founder and CEO takes home a $1 salary each year. During a Q&A on Facebook Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg revealed his reasoning behind joining the $1 salary club: I've made enough money.

How old was Mark Zuckerberg when he created Facebook?

He was only 21 year old when he founded Facebook. Facebook was founded in 2004.

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